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Goodbye Excel

Stop using spreadsheets for data management and analysis!

  • No input control!
    "bad user": "I like to write dates my own way and convey information via


  • No version control!
    Did someone accidentally change this value? Who? When? Why?
  • Poor scalability
    Not usable by multiple simultaneous users.
GBEX: Data management solution

Take your data out of spreadsheets and into the cloud with GBEX!

GBEX is a cloud based database replacement for spreadsheets.
It can be accessed via a user friendly web interface,
or programmatically via a REST API that allows automatic data upload/download and data analysis!

What can you do with GBEX?
  • Properly capture data, safely and correctly formatted.
  • Automate data capture: no more copy/paste.
  • Data analysis, AI, big data: All those need properly stored data!
What we do
  • We provide you with the platform to properly capture your data!
  • We work with you to create a customized data schema that represents the data you need to capture.
  • We help you automate data capture and analysis.
Contact us at: [email protected]